Joining Vedanta Studies

How the Knowledge is Transferred

The teaching is unfolded through consistent, regular study of the ancient texts, guided by a qualified teacher.

From time to time, whenever there is sufficient curiosity, a series of Exploratory/Introductory Classes may be offered, to provide the opportunity to be introduced to the study and the teacher.

At the end of the series, should there be a hunger for deeper understanding, participants may be offered the opportunity to join in an ongoing regular course of study. The study of each text tends to be held weekly.


There are a number of ongoing classes in Traditional Vedanta, Basic Sanskrit (the language of the Vedas) and Chanting of Vedic Prayers. The latter two are open to Vedanta students to help strengthen, train and align the mind to support the clarity and focus which are helpful for the studies.


There are also occasional retreats as well as  ongoing online classes from visiting teachers.


Details of upcoming events can be found on the events page.

Details of ongoing Traditional Advaita Vedanta Classes can be found Here